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Yesterday, we launched our brand new HEAR MY VOICE campaign to support workers at HMV stores in the UK.

hear my voice

This comes just a day since the announcement that 1,500 jobs will go and between 60-100 stores will close this week.

Whilst the pundits talk about HMV’s failure and what it should have done and should do we at youngworkersmonth.org feel HMV workers are being totally forgotten about.

It must be awful to not know what’s going to happen to your job and if your store will close but there are employment rights that protect workers in these circumstances. That’s why we are visiting HMV stores with a letter to staff telling them about their rights, our support and trade union membership.

You’ll probably remember seeing those tweets from a disgruntled employee on the HMV twitter account…I think people may well laugh at them but to me they mean something much more serious, that staff feel under threat and out of the loop.

We need to show our support for workers in HMV now, we need you to sign our petition and share with your friends.

Please support HEAR MY VOICE.


As loyal HMV customers we believe:

1. Deloitte and Hilco should make every effort to prevent any redundancies at HMV.

2. Deloitte and Hilco should communicate openly and collectively with HMV’s workforce about their future, and listen to their views.

3. If some HMV stores or warehouses are closed down, Deloitte and Hilco should:

• Offer Employment at alternative HMV locations.
• Offer a reasonable period of consultation, (28 days is the legal minimum).
• Provide some facilities to support that worker’s job search activities, during paid working hours.
• Work closely with Job Centre Plus, to provide professional support to worker’s job search activities.

4. Deloitte and Hilco should recognise that where its employees are trade union members that they have the right to be represented at work by their union and that a collective dialogue with staff is a critical element in any sophisticated action plan to secure HMV’s future.



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